Night Factory Jungle Cruise


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Night Factory Jungle Cruise

Duration : 90min

One service each day, only on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and National holidays
Enjoy the view of illuminating plants, tanks, and warehouses by the canal

《 Received the Kanagawa Tourism Award 》
Very popular night factory cruise produced by famous Motoo Marumaru (NIght view critic)

In recent years, a boom to appreciate the night view of factories has arrived, but there were only few places such as observation decks and highways where you can appreciate the shining night's factories.
For factory night view scenery fans throughout the country, we produced "Night Factory Jungle Cruise" that you can see the night view of the Keihin Industrial Zone, one of the four major factory zones of Japan, from the canal.
You can fully enjoy the beautiful light-ups of plants, tanks, warehouses, etc. which are lining up along the canal.
For the memory of Yokohama sightseeing, especially for the factory night view fans, we recommend this unusual cruise experience which you cannot find anywhere else!

★ Please also check the charter plan and party plan, for which the date can be freely chosen ★

Certified as the grant authorization business by Kanagawa Keihin Coastal area Industry and Tourism Council Certified as A Night View Heritage of Japan in 2018 》

*Please check the operation schedule below for details.


50 people
*depends on the boat being used.
90 min (100 min for Fridays, same price)
Operation Schedule
One service each day, only on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and National holidays.
*Please check the operation schedule below for details.
Departure time
Jan/17:00 Feb/17:30 Mar,Apr/18:00 May/18:30 Jun,Jul/19:00 Aug/18:30 Sep/18:00 Oct/17:30 Nov/17:00 Dec/16:30
*Departure time will change by season.
*Please check the operation schedule below for details.
Cruise course
Pier〜Red Brick Warehouse, Shiohama canal,Tanabe canal,
Minamiwatarida canal〜Pier
Live guide tour by our crew about various factories and night view
Fee(tax included)
Adult : 4,600yen
Child (3 to 11 years old) : 2,300yen
Infant (0-2 years old) : Per person per adult is free, from 2nd person, child fee is charged.
*Includes drink.

Revised price will be applied from July 2022.

Adult : 5,500yen
Child (3 to 11 years old) : 3,300yen
Infant (0-2 years old) : Per person per adult is free, from 2nd person, child fee is charged.
*Includes drink.

Operation Schedule

Now operating only on Saturdays.

Operation Schedule
05月25日(土) 18:00 出航 残り僅か!!
05月26日(日) 18:30 出航 予約受付中!
06月15日(土) 19:00 出航 予約受付中!
06月16日(日) 19:00 出航 予約受付中!
06月22日(土) 19:00 出航 予約受付中!
06月23日(日) 19:00 出航 予約受付中!
06月29日(土) 19:00 出航 予約受付中!
06月30日(日) 19:00 出航 予約受付中!

Boarding Place

Pier Aka-Renga

Pier Aka-Renga

Cruise course

Cruise course Cruise course


Reservation is required.
Please call us at 045-290-8377
(Monday - Friday, 10:00 - 18:00), or apply from the booking form here
(For weekends, reservations can be made until 12:00 pm, 2 days before the cruise)

Sale on the day

In case there are vacancies, ticket can be purchased at the entrance of the pier approximately 15 minutes before the departure time.
(Please note that there is no ticket sale on that day if sold out by reservation.)
*Starting and ending time of sales may change due to congestion status etc.
Please check ticket availability by the day before, by 18:00 weekdays (045-290-8377)

Notes on boarding

  • Boarding starts as soon as the boat arrives at the pier.
    It may start earlier than 15 min before.
  • Please be forewarned that it will not be possible to wait for passengers who are late.
  • You cannot go aboard with your pets that are not in cages or carriers. (Except for guide-dogs)
  • If we cancel the cruise due to stormy weather etc., in principle we will transfer it to another date.
    In case of cancellation due to customer's convenience, cancellation fee listed below will be charged.
    After deposit - 4 days before 1,000yen
    3 days - 2 days before 50% of the fee
    1 day - the day of cruise 100% of the fee
  • You can change the date only once, a week in advance.
    The change fee same as cancellation fee will be charged per person for the second and subsequent times.
  • Please note that we cannot refund any fees, even if you are unable to meet the departure time due to delay in transportation, traffic restriction on the surrounding roads or congestion.
  • We are not able to provide information regarding the traffic conditions on the day of the boarding.
  • There is a possibilty to get wet by splashing waves.
    Please bring rainwear if you are concerned.
  • Cruise end time may be delayed.
  • Operating ship may change.
  • Even in case of rain, we basically operate.
  • If typhoon, strong wind etc. are expected, it may be canceled. In case of cancellation, we will inform you around noon of the day.
  • Please be forewarned that cruises may be subject to interviews and shooting by TV / magazine companies.
    Please contact us whether shooting is scheduled or not on the day of boarding.
  • Night Factory Jungle Cruise is a registrated product of KMC Corporation.


Do you sail even in case of rain?
We basically operate even if it rains.
However, the cruise may be cancelled due to the strong winds, even if it is not raining.
The cruise course may change due to the weather or sea conditions.
Is the seating assigned?
The seats are not assigned.
You are free to move around while cruising.
Where and at what time do we meet?
Please come to Pier AKARENGA, 10-15 minuites before departure. map
We cannnot wait for the passengers who are late.
Please make sure to come in time.
How many passengers are boarding?
Normally we operate the ship with a capacity of 70 people, but it may change.
Can we get on board on wheelchairs?
It is possible to get on board on wheelchairs.
Depending on the size of wheelchair or the boat operating, there may be the cases not possible.
We recommend to make reservation in advance.
When do you judge cancellations?
Basically, we judge in the morning of the day for daytime cruises, and around noon for the evening cruises.
We will inform the passengers with reservation of the cancellation as soon as possible.
The cruise may be cancelled at short notice because of sudden change of the weather.
Please check the operation condition in our HP if you don't have reservation.
Do you have parking lot?
Sorry, we don't have parking lot.
Please use parkings nearby.
Do you have disability discounts?
We have disability discounts for AKARENGA Cafe Cruise and MM⇔Haneda Jet Lines.
here for details
The discounts apply only when the certificates are presented.
There are no disability discounts for Night Factory Cruise and Yokohama Fantastic Cafe Ship.
Can we bring pets with us?
You can bring your pets if they are in cages (except for guide dogs).
Do the boats roll? Worried about seasickness.
The cruise courses are mainly in the inner bay and canals where the waves are relatively calm.
If you are worried about seasickness, please take medicine for motion sickness before boarding.
We don't have medicines on board.