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New Normal on the Sea

Note of Cruise

Change of ships etc

  1. Please note the ship may be changed because of the ship condition.
  2. In case of strong wind, the boarding pier may be changed to the pier less subject to the wind, such as our KMC Yokohama Marina.
  3. We cannot accept any claim of damages by the cancellation of the cruise.

Hand-carried items

  1. We may refuse to bring in hand-held items that fall under any of the followings.
    • Those emitting odors, filth and unclean things, and others that may cause inconvenience to other passengers.
    • A gun, sword, explosive things, and other goods or things that could harm the ship and other passengers.
    • Others that are deemed inappropriate for transport.
  2. We may check the baggages and personal belongings if there is a suspicion that the things above are contained in the presence of a third person.

Passenger's prohibited acts

  1. Passengers shall not do the following acts:
    • Manipulate the ship's steering facility and facilities for other operations.
    • Entry into the place prohibited.
    • To smoke in places prohibited from smoking in the ship.
    • Manipulate or move equipment to be used in emergency, such as fire extinguishers, emergency warning devices, life jackets, etc.
    • Manipulate or move safety equipment.
    • Damage or move safety, security, emergency signs.
    • Throwing or launching a stone, glass bottle, metal piece, and any other things that may damage ship.
    • Dumping goods prohibited to be discarded in the sea.
    • To impose discomfort or inconvenience to other passengers.
    • Disturbing the order or conducting acts harmful to hygiene.
  2. Passengers must follow the instruction of captain or the staff of the company concerning the actions in and out of the boat, in order to secure the safety of transportation and to maintain order within the ship.
  3. The captain may order disembarkation to who does not comply with the instructions in the preceding paragraph.
New Normal on the Sea