New Normal on the Sea

To the "new daily life" on the sea


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New Normal on the Sea

Our human ancestors came from the sea.
Taking a deep breath on the open sea seems to bring back such a distant memory.
The mineral balance in the human body is close to that of the sea.
The fatigue recovery effect of sea breeze, which contains plenty of high-purity minerals, has also been reported.

Ryukyu University Graduate School of Tourism Science, Professor of Wellness Research
According to the research of MB Masashi Arakawa

New Normal on the Sea

Relieve mental and physical stress
with a cruise in this "With Corona" era

Reserved Cruise is conducting disinfection of the ship, opening cabin windows, our staff wearing masks. In addition, the number of passengers on board is limited to about half of the capacity, and we ask for cooperation in disinfecting hands and fingers.「We are taking all possible measures against the new corona, including the "three dense" risk.
Please enjoy high-quality cruising with peace of mind.

New Normal on the Sea