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New Normal on the Sea

Video shooting on the sea(using our cruisers, yachts, boats and vessels)

Duration : 60min〜

Cruiser charter for taking pictures, research and inspection purpose

We can deal with shooting movies, drama, PV, still shooting by using our Marina facilities.

We can support your video shooting business by our long experience in cruising business and marina operation.

We support totally around your various types of shooting with ships on the sea, river, lake, or swimming pool.

We care thoroughly about safety management.

Arrangement of cruisers, pleasure boats

KMC has our own luxurious cruisers, pleasure boats and yachts.

We also arrange other types of boats using our marine business network.

Running jetski under the sun, action scene with power boats, romantic scene of a couple on a boat...
We coordinate various shooting scene.


Movies, CM・CF, TV drama, TV show, Promotion video, Picture of buildings from the sea, Image photo for magazines, Pictures of goods in the ship, Pre-taking of wedding photo

Shooting flow for cruisers, pleasure boats and yachts

  1. Please contact us for shooting with boats by email or phone.
    E-mail :
    TEL : 045-290-8377
  2. Consultation with our coordinator
    Our coordinator will ask you about your plan and arrange ships and shooting schedules.
  3. Please give us written proposal
    E-mail :
    FAX : 045-290-7838
  4. Preview of the ship
    Please check the ship and see if it fits your request.
    Our ships are moored at our MARINA BLEU YOKOHAMA(ex.KMC Yokohama Marina).
    Address : 2-19 Daikoku-cho, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama
    TEL : 045-504-1094
  5. Arrangement of details
    We submit the quotation after the plan is decided.
    We arrange shooting permission application, usage of piers, and other negotiations.
  6. The day of the shooting
    We operate the ships watchig the weather and condition of the day.

Please call us for more information

TEL : 045-290-8377
(10:00 - 18:00 weekdays)