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New Normal on the Sea

Ocean Memorial
(Grave Visiting Cruise in the sea)

Duration : 60min〜

Charter our cruiser to visit the grave in the sea where the ashes were scattered.
Please let us know the longitude and the latitude.

Ocean Memorial

To meet the requests of customers who need to visit the place where the ashes were scattered and pray for the deceased, we produced Ocean Memorial Cruise.

Visit the grave in the sea by genuine cruiser

POMAM 28 / POMAM 31 
Representative cruisers of Japan
Representative Italian yacht, that has fascinated the owners all over the world
Stylish cruiser of Reserved Cruise

The plan

(Yokohama departure and arrival, tax included)

Please refer to Private Cruise for the price.

Our cruise professional promises you to produce precious time to recollect the memories of the deceased on the sea, where they have been buried.


Please ask our cruise concierge for meal boxed etc.