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Privacy Policy

About the privacy policy and handling of personal information

At KMC Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "our company"), we pay utmost attention to the management of personal information, and we believe that protection is a social responsibility as a company. In order to protect personal information with responsibility, we comply with the "Personal Information Protection Law", establish a privacy policy, implement internal organization structure and management measures, and improve them continually.

Collection and registration of personal information

In order to use our services, we may ask for personal information of members and users (hereinafter referred to as "customers"). In the case that our company requests personal information from customers, we clarify the purpose of use beforehand and collect and register after obtaining customer's consent.

Purpose of using personal information

We will use customer’s personal information within the range necessary for achieving its purpose as well as identifying the purpose of use. In the event that it becomes necessary to use personal information beyond the range of purpose stated beforehand, we will use it only when obtaining consent of the customer beforehand.

Offer of personal information to third parties

We will not provide your personal information to a third party except in the following cases. Also, when consigning handling of personal information, we will properly oversee the outsourcer.

  • In case we got consent of the customer in advance.
  • Inquiries based on laws and ordinances are received from public institutions.
  • When responding to inquiries from customers or after-sales service regarding products / services.
  • When customers need payment or delivery of documents due to usage of paid service etc.

Disclosure, correction, and deletion of personal information

We will endeavor to manage customer’s personal information accurately and up to date. We will respond in good faith if there is a request for disclosure about the information our company has registered from the customer. In the unlikely event that there is an error in the registration information, we will promptly correct or delete it. In order to confirm that the claimant is the customer himself / herself, we ask customer to verify the identity by appropriate means.

Sending E-mail / Direct Mail

After approval by customers, we may send customers information on our products, services, etc., which may be beneficial to current or future customers by e-mail or direct mail. Customers can cancel the sending of such e-mail / direct mail if inform us.

About Disclaimer

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